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How does MyPasel work?

MyPasel uses an online platform for placing delivery requests. It connects drivers/riders to Businesses and individuals with delivery needs. All one needs to do is sign up and place the order.

How can I place a delivery using MyPasel?

Download MyPasel app from the Android play store. Sign up and start placing orders by clicking “Tap to Send” and key in the pickup location and destination, select the vehicle type then confirm the order.

How do I choose my pickup and destination locations?

To select your pick up and destination locations, make sure while keying in pick up location and destination you select from Google Map dropdowns/suggestions

Can you deliver my parcel from one city to another?

We currently don’t have city to city parcel delivery service. However, we are working hard to provide that option soon.

What time do you close?

MyPasel technically operates 24/7. Our Customer Support hours are from 7 am to 9 pm Weekdays and 8 am- 6 pm weekends and holidays.

Why has my price changed?

Change of price could be because you had some arrears in your MyPasel account and the system added to your order amount. Also, it may be due to an order changing from shared to direct.

How do I enter my promo code?

MyPasel app: Go to MyPasel Menu-Profile-Copy your Promo code and input the promo code on your payment means, apply to redeem.

Why is my rider not picking my call?

Riders may not pick a call while riding. But if you’ve attempted several times please contact MyPasel support.

Why is my order taking long to get a rider?

Order confirmation depends on the availability of riders in a location. Few or no riders in a location contributes to delays.

My rider has taken long to deliver my package.

Contact MyPasel support for assistance.

How do I get a refund for my damaged package?

Send an email to support@mypasel.com with the order number as well as details, receipts, and pictures of the damaged package.

What can I do if I have been double charged?

Contact us via support@mypasel.com or call +233208153758 for a refund. When you send money to Mypasel, it is deducted from your Mypasel account if the order has been delivered. In this case, it is still in your Mypasel account.